Four Year Development

The Campbell Business Offices of Student Success and Career Development are focused on providing services, resources, and opportunities to support the growth, development, and success of our students. From day one at Campbell, students begin their four-year development through our specialized Freshmen Seminar, focusing on transitional skills, basic personal & professional development, and business fundamentals. From there, we have planned events, initiatives, and curriculum to continue to challenge and encourage growth in each student. We have included an outline of these initiatives below; this list is not comprehensive and does not include all services offered.

View the Business Success Handbook

Freshmen Year

  • Work with Mentor and small group
  • Master Transitional Skills
  • Set Goals
  • Complete Food Truck Project
  • BADM 100
  • Freshmen Games
  • Club Fair
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Service Project
  • Career Services Registration
  • Initial Resume and Review
  • Understand the basics of business dress and etiquette

Sophomore Year

  • Understand the philosophy of business and design thinking
  • Create a comprehensive Business Plan
  • Work with Mentor and small group
  • Complete a basic personal development plan (view a Personal Development Example PDF)

BADM 236 – Communication and Critical Thinking

Explore and Confirm Major

  • Update and review resume
  • Set internship goals
  • Identify jobs and contacts
  • Join the online bulletin
  • Attend Internship/Career Fair
  • Dress for Success Presentation
  • Dining Etiquette Dinner
  • Networking
  • Site Visits to Companies
  • Mock Interviews

Junior Year

  • Serve as a Business School leader
  • Engage in our leadership development curriculum
  • Join a Campbell Business interest group
  • Junior Alumni Dinner
  • Site Visits to Companies
  • Networking
  • Consider applying to the 4+1 MBA Program
  • Consider Career versus graduate school
  • Focus on Internship applications
  • Refine Interview Skills
  • Update Cover Letter and Resume