International Business

International business studies the exchange of goods, services, and financial capital across national boundaries. Today’s international business majors learn how earning profits and alleviating global poverty can go hand in hand. Specifically, our international business majors become proficient in international management, marketing, and law; adept at collaborating with people from different cultures; and sensitive to the societal implications of global business decisions.

Why Study International Business at Campbell University?

  • Acquire a solid foundation of the theory, concepts, and application of business in a global context
  • Learn how to solve business problems analytically by examining global business and societal problems from a systematic and rational perspective
  • Become distinctively qualified in an array of jobs in the international marketplace

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What Jobs are Available to International Business Majors?

An International Business degree prepares students for a variety of jobs requiring critical thinking and analytical skills, including:

  • Import/export specialist
  • Foreign market specialist
  • Business strategy consultant
  • Cultural advisor
  • Travel director
  • Diplomatic assistant

What Classes Do International Business Majors Take?

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*Note: International students desiring to pursue a foreign language other than their native language may follow the International Business – Native Language English track.

Can a Student Minor in International Business?

Currently, there is no option for a minor in International Business. However, this does not prevent students from choosing International Business courses to fulfill elective requirements.