Trust and Wealth Management

Trust and Wealth Management addresses the needs of the wealthy by managing their property, developing and implementing tax planning, financial planning, and estate planning strategies. Our students are eligible to sit for the Certified Financial Planner CFP® certification examinations immediately upon graduation. In addition to managing and creating wealth, trust is also very much about invaluable, long-term relationships. The Trust Pre-Law Major is ideal for students interested in the areas of estate planning, tax planning, business planning, or in a career as a corporate attorney.



Why Study Trust and Wealth Management at Campbell University?

  • The opportunity upon graduation to enter a rewarding profession in tremendous demand. Our students enjoy the opportunity to compete for paid summer internships and a 95 % placement rate within one month of graduation
  • Trust and Wealth Management is a gateway not only to a career in the financial services area as a trust officer, but also to the financial planning, investments, insurance and real estate management industries
  • Trust is an ideal major for those considering law school and a career as a corporate, tax or estate planning attorney

What Jobs are Available to Trust and Wealth Management Majors?

A Trust and Wealth Management degree prepares students for a variety of exciting career paths. Our graduates are well prepared for the following professions:

  • Trust and Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Investments as Portfolio Managers
  • Corporate Attorney
  • Tax Attorney
  • Estate Planning Attorney

What Classes Do Trust and Wealth Management Majors Take?

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Can a Student Minor in Trust and Wealth Management?

Instead of a Trust and Wealth Management minor, we offer a minor in Financial Planning. The requirements are:

  • ACCT 333: Taxation
  • BADM 433: Principles of Insurance
  • TRST 360: Financial Planning Practices for Fiduciaries
  • TRST 410: Estate Taxation
  • TRST 411: Gift and Fiduciary Taxation
  • TRST 432: Estate Planning Seminar
  • TRST 436: Employee Benefits
  • TRST 439: Investments and Securities Analysis

What is the Trust/Pre-Law Degree?

The Trust/Pre-Law degree is an alternative to the Trust and Wealth Management major for students considering law school in their future. This degree requires that students take a course from the following list in addition to the Trust and Wealth Management requirements:

  • ENGL 302: Advanced Writing
  • MATH 212: Logic
  • POLS 229: National Government
  • POLS 300: Introduction to Law
  • THEA 115: Public Speaking


Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting field of study, please view the resources below, or contact Mr. Jimmy Witherspoon, Director of the Trust and Wealth Management Program at 910-893-1387 or



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