Peer Mentor Program

For over 10 years, Peer Mentors have served within the Campbell Business School to aid in the freshmen transition, support the BADM 100 Freshman Seminar, and serve as leaders within the community. Peer Mentors play an important role in the BADM 100 course by serving as role models and mentors to new Business School students. They help new students feel comfortable in the Campbell community and provide important campus information, academic advice, encouragement, and project management. In addition to serving, this group of 15-20 Peer Mentors receive personal and professional developmental training throughout their tenure as mentors.

Applications for 2022 Peer Mentors are open through March 09, 2022. Click here to apply. 
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In February 2021, we talked to alumni who have served as peer mentors over the past ten years, and they shared how the program impacted them, personally and professionally, at Campbell and beyond. Here are some of the benefits they gained: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Confidence to speak with and lead small groups
  • Connected with diverse groups; built community beyond a certain major or friend group
  • Learned my strengths, and skills for how to maximize leadership skills; then had an area in which to immediately apply those skills
  • StrengthsFinder Assessment and application 
  • Ability to coordinate and lead teams
  • Presentation Skills
  • Boundary setting and balancing personally & professional relationships 
  • Encouragement and pride seeing new students grow from day one to the end of their freshman year

What a Peer Mentor Gains 

Benefits for the Peer Mentor:
  • leadership retreats
  • personality & leadership assessments
  • personal development plan
  • guest speakers
  • alumni mentors
  • service projects
  • Mentors explore their skills, leadership style, values and mission to feel confident in their goals and best lead others.
  • Mentors learn how to guide others in a variety of ways; including college transition, motivation, self-exploration, and delegation.
  • Mentors experience hands-on leadership through the BADM 100, where they are responsible for a small group of freshmen.

In a recent survey, twice as many mentors reported feeling confident in these areas after the Peer Mentor Development Program than when they began:

inspiring & guiding others

“This program allowed for forward-thinking, goal-setting, positivity, and growth. It made me realize that I need to work on myself before I can help others. This program gave the mentors their own curriculum. The speakers and activities provided me with support."


What a Peer Mentor Gives

Expectations of the Role: 
  • BADM 100 attendance 
  • Facilitating a group of 6-8 freshmen
    • Transitional support
    • Encouragement
    • Academic Advice
    • Project Management 
    • Campus Connection 
  • Providing constructive feedback on freshmen assignments 

In a recent survey, over 80% of freshmen reported that their BADM 100 Peer Mentor helped them grow in the following areas:

time management

Over 65% reported that their mentor helped them feel more confident & know their strengths, and over 50% reported growth in career goals, relationship management, studying, and registering for classes.

"As a freshman, having a mentor really helped. She was a great help in explaining assignments and keeping us on top of things! She also was amazing at giving advice on things around campus; such as tips on how to adjust to college life and what classes she has taken. She is an all around great help."