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One of the most instantly rewarding ways to connect with Campbell Business is to volunteer your experience, wisdom, and expertise to our students and community.

Opportunities include:

Recruiting to Campbell Business

Campbell Business, in conjunction with the University, hosts a series of Visitation Days throughout the semester, in which high school seniors and their parents spend a day or two on campus, touring the facilities, meeting faculty and staff, exploring different majors, and generally getting a feel of our University. Alumni who are willing to share their personal experiences at Campbell Business are dearly welcome at these important events.

Advising group classroom projects

Serve as a advisor to a student project team to review and provide feedback. The alumni role is not to work on the project, only provide feedback and direction.


Get involved with a current student on a personal and professional level. Whether you are a first generation Alum or a leader in your industry, you can contribute to a business student’s character and competency through a mentorship.

Power your Campbell community through career connections by signing up for our mentoring platform CamelLink. 


Presentations about your industry, professionalism, and career journey

Students glean substance and nuance when business professionals speak to them candidly. You can make a difference in students’ career choices by participating in our panel discussions, professional development activities, and guest speaker events. Please let us know your specialty or area of interest so we can contact you for future events.

Partner with student organizations

Our students are always looking for business leaders, especially alumni, to participate in organizational programs and events.

Please explore our current volunteer opportunities, or if you have an idea or interest that we have not explored, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact 910-893-1385 or lfsb@campbell.edu.

Orange Owned

“Orange Owned” seeks to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of our alumni and support their efforts while offering another benefit to our alumni body. Once a business owner has registered their business on our site, we will list the business name, location, and a brief description. Alumni will then be able to find an alumni owned business within their community to support.


  • An “Orange Owned” decal will be mailed to all registered businesses. We encourage our alumni to proudly display the decals.
  • Online business listing
  • Recognition in our monthly e-newsletter
  • Opportunity for partnership with local alumni chapters
  • Future opportunities for on-campus recognition

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For more information, contact 910-893-1385 or lfsb@campbell.edu.