Strategic Plan

Innovation with vision. Campbell Business School innovates by offering specialty degree programs for careers in high demand. The practical curriculum and combined degree options distinguish Campbell graduates and result in valued employment opportunities upon graduation. Our internship programs develop students into professionals ready to make immediate contributions to their employers. The campus lifestyle is warm and inviting, projecting Christian values as faculty and staff dedicate their efforts to student success.

Strategic Themes

  1. Industry Relevance: Ensuring that our graduates will be well equipped to contribute meaningfully to the businesses and organizations that employ them.
  2. Innovative Curricula and Programs: Courses, majors and initiatives that are unique in business education and provide our students and graduates with a competitive edge in the workplace.
  3. Intellectual Rigor and Experiential Learning: Helping our students become more curious and effective thinkers who approach the world and solve problems critically, analytically, and ethically. These skills will be developed through a conscious effort to enhance our experiential learning approaches and opportunities across the Business School.
  4. Graduate Programs: Research shows that today’s global business environment will require business professionals to continue sharpening their skillset and evolving to seize opportunities in a changing business dynamic. The LFSB needs to offer programs at the graduate level to meet this requirement. Targeted, niche graduate programs will allow the LFSB to compete with our more-established neighboring programs. Online delivery will allow us to expand the reach of our niche programs.
  5. Infrastructure: The LFSB needs to develop and offer the physical and intellectual capabilities to be a successful business school. We need to implement the necessary technologies into our programs and into our physical building space. We need to be located where the students are, while also being accessible from anywhere. Our faculty and staff need the skills and technological proficiencies required by the ever-changing global business environment.
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