Info for Accepted Graduate Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. We are confident you will be a great asset to our program and that you will succeed.  You are making a big investment in your future by pursuing your master’s degree and we are honored that you have chosen to do so with us.


Next steps

Now that you’ve been accepted, there are some important next steps to complete in the enrollment process.

Complete the Graduate Programs Enrollment Form by visiting the link provided in your acceptance letter. Completion of this form guarantees your space in the program and initiates the course registration process.

A physical copy of the Student Resources Guide was provided in your acceptance package and includes your individual Student ID Number, network username and password, and email address and password. Please consult this document for more information on how to access your student accounts. 

The Help Desk is available to assist you as needed. Contact the Help Desk → 

Please plan to check your Campbell Student email regularly.  All communication will be sent to this address going forward.

Here is where you will find information specific to the courses for which you are registered.  Please note that in most cases courses do not open for view until the first day of the term.

Self Service
Self Service is where you can access your tuition statements, make online payments, view your financial aid data, monitor your course registration, and check your degree progress.

Access Blackboard | Email | Self Service

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business does not offer scholarships for graduate students. However, students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal aid and graduate student loans. 

For more information on financial aid, to access the FAFSA Application, and for instructions on accepting your loans visit Financial Aid. 

Apply for Financial Aid

There is no formal orientation for our Graduate Business Programs, however a Blackboard folder titled “Current Students – Graduate Programs” has been set up to provide you with some important information and useful resources. You will maintain access to this folder throughout the program. Students will gain access to this folder the week prior to classes start in August.

Please view our School of Business Graduate Bulletin. 

Here you will find detailed information on important academic policies including graduation requirements, maintaining good standing, repeating courses, graduating with honors, withdrawing from courses, the withdrawal refund policy, and much more.

Not every course is offered every term, so to stay on track for your preferred graduation timeline, it will be helpful for you to have a tentative plan for when you will take each course.

MBA Students

You were provided a Proposed Academic Plan in your acceptance package (based on the preferred location and graduation timeframe you selected on your application). You may view our Academic Planning Sheet to assist you in creating a more individualized plan should it be needed. This sheet provides information for when each course is offered at each of our three locations — Main Campus, Raleigh, and Online. We are available to assist with creating or reviewing your academic plan.

MACC/MTWM Students

Students in the MACC and MTWM programs are required to complete the program courses in the proper sequence. You can view this sequence by selecting the appropriate link below:

Information for all Graduate Students

The Graduate Programs Academic Calendar provides the start/end dates for each term. 

Throughout your time in the program, you can view your degree progress for completion of required courses at any time by visiting your Self-Service account. 

All students can monitor the status of their registration in Self Service but will not use the system to register for classes.

MBA Students

Shortly after completing your Graduate Programs Enrollment Form, you will receive a follow-up email with Course Registration instructions. MBA students register for courses through Self-Service. Students will select courses and request an advisor review. We will review your course selections and then students will register for approved courses in Self-Service.

MACC/MTWM Students

After completing your Graduate Programs Enrollment Form you will be automatically enrolled in Fall courses. In subsequent terms, you will be registered automatically for classes each semester by the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs based on the cycle you selected at the onset of the program (one-year or two-year), unless you notify the Director or the Assistant Director of your intention to withdraw from the program.

Students in the MACC and MTWM programs are required to complete the program courses in the proper sequence.

The Bursar’s Office bills students by term. Charges will be reflected on your student account by the first day of class as a new student, and a month prior to class each term thereafter (if you are registered for classes). 

Bills will be sent to your Campbell email and are also accessible through Self Service. Payment for a term not covered by financial aid is due on the first day of class each term. Student accounts will be placed on hold and unable to register for the next term until the balance is paid. If using financial aid, please be sure all steps are completed to avoid delays in processing. Please note that Financial Aid will not post until after day five of each term.

Sign up for e-Refunds in Touchnet (accessible in the Self Service portal) if you are anticipating a refund. For more information on billing and refunds visit the Bursar’s Office.   

Pay tuition

MBA Students

You will be automatically registered for MBA 700: Leadership & Professional Development. A follow-up email with more orientation information will be sent approximately two weeks before your scheduled session.

Attendance is required on the date of the session, so please plan accordingly:

  • For students admitted for a program start in Spring II, Summer I, Summer II, or Fall I
    • Friday, August 16, 2024 from 11:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business on Main Campus

Online students living more than 2 hours away may register for the online section of this course, but are encouraged and welcome to attend the in-person session to maximize networking opportunities.

MACC/MTWM Students

This course is not part of the MAcc or MTWM curriculum.


Student ID cards are not required for Graduate Students; however, students will need a card to access the building for the Raleigh Campus.

New students will be emailed by the Campbell ID team with instructions for photo submission. 

All students who attend class on the Main Campus must register their vehicle each academic year. Students attending class at the Raleigh Campus are not required to register their vehicle. 

For more information on parking and to register your vehicle visit Campus Safety 

Register Your Vehicle

Textbooks can be purchased through the Campbell Bookstore or online. Graduate program textbooks are not part of the Camel Direct option.

Purchase textbooks online


Make sure you select the correct term (Law/Grad Spring) and section number for course. Textbooks can be purchased online through the Campbell Bookstore. If textbook information is not available on the bookstore website, you will need to contact the faculty/instructor.

  • 4th year 4+1 MBA students: Materials for undergraduate courses must be ordered through the Camel Direct portal. Graduate course materials will also be included in the Camel Direct fee but must be ordered by emailing Please include an official copy of both your undergraduate and graduate schedules in this email. You will receive a confirmation email once your graduate books have been processed. Digital items will be sent via email and hard copy books can be picked up in the bookstore. Should you choose to have these books shipped to you, request it in your initial email and more information will be provided.
  • 5th year 4+1 MBA students: During the 5th year of the 4+1 Program, students are no longer enrolled in the Camel Direct program. Students must come in store or order their graduate materials online. You can pay out of pocket or with Financial Aid by completing the “Book Bucks” request through the business office. If ordering online, choose the “campus card” form of payment and enter in your student ID number. Should you take undergraduate courses during your 5th year, these materials must be purchased in store.
  • Student athletes on book scholarship: Student athletes must contact their athletic coordinator instead of emailing the bookstore their course schedules. Athletic coordinators will contact a bookstore liaison on the student’s behalf.


Health insurance enrollment is optional and no waiver is necessary. Enrollment is open July 1 – August 31 annually. International students are required to carry the school insurance policy.  Students will not be automatically enrolled.

Building access and parking options vary based on location. For more information, visit Parking

  Raleigh Campus Main Campus

Campbell Law School
225 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh NC 27603

School of Business
165 Dr. McKoy Road
Buies Creek, NC 27596

Building Access You will need a Student ID Card to access the building* You will not need a Student ID Card to access the building


Free parking is available on a first-come first-served basis in the street level parking lot at the building entrance

Paid parking is available nearby along the neighboring streets, as well as in the Municipal Deck on Morgan Street

Free parking is available for registered vehicles in Lot L (located behind the building) and Lot H (located in front of the building across the courtyard)

* See “Obtain your Campbell ID Card” section above for detailed instructions. 

Campbell University is committed to meeting the needs of active duty and veteran military students to help you build your future in the civilian and military worlds.

New students using military benefits will need to reach out to the Veteran Affairs Office.

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