Three Gen Mentoring

Program pairs Alumni, Peers, & First-Years

“(My Alumni Mentor) was able to help me brainstorm different ways to engage with my mentees, which I incorporated into our meetings, creating a safe space for each mentee. She helped me understand each student’s strengths to connect with them and make them feel valued.”

Our Peer Mentors are paired one-on-one with an Alumni Mentor, who also receives training, support, and mentoring resources. The alumni & student leader meet twice a month, focusing on clear goals, personal encouragement, and professional development. In addition, the Alumni Mentor meets monthly with the first-year students in their Peer Mentor group. This gives our first-year students a greater sense of community and advice about long-term growth and goals.

A recent BADM 100 Freshmen Survey showed 100% of freshmen reported that the Alumni Mentor had a “good” or “great” impact on:

  • overall transition to college
  • integration into the Business School
  • introduction to resources and opportunities
  • time management
  • teamwork